Monday, March 3, 2008

Fat Joe Puts 50 Cent On BLAST.

Haha, yo Joe Crack put 50 on BLAST. OMG, 50 is a funny dude. He is sewage. G-Unit is, sewage. Your last LP was sewage. Kanye dogged YOU. No COME back. Trying to get big on 106 talkin bout "Big Brother" Jigga man and shit. Hmm, I swear i never like 50 Cent or G-Unit since this bum came out. You were HYPED to the maxx when you came out, no it has died down. Whats LEFT? 50 is trying to sit there, ACTING like he GROWN, and is a business man. You are CISED. I liked Vitamin Water before your Alvin & The Chipmunk ass got that deal. Joe just challenged you, and of course there will be an excuse or you wont say anything at all. Its on youtube, he SAID that shit. Fight him, with hands, in a ring, all LEGIT. I'm done gettin on 50 & Lil Wayne. COCKY bitches. You wont be laughin straight to the bank after JOE CRACK destroys you. Yes, i am in a happy mode now. =]

Uhh Oooh!: Lil Wayne [Swagger Jacker]

Call him Weezi F Baby, Weezi, Lil Wayne, Mr Carter, Dwayne, shit call him anything you damn well please. THERE is nothing this nigga can do to explain this one. Ohh maa gawd. FINALLY someone put this cocky bastard on BLAST. This dude SWEARs on his life that he is the best. And what is so baffeling, is that fucking HOP Ons agree. YES, i will admit Lil Wayne can rap, but that doesnt mean he has the right to so BOLDLY tell the world "HE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE", or better yet that he is "HIP HOP". Hmm, Weezi, sit the fuck down. Okay everyone takes a [LITTLE HERE & THERE] butt dayyyyyyyum nigga. You have no AUTHENTIC flow, you sweat niggaz BALLz for a career. IDK how he has so fucking MANY hop ons. They just like you for your punchlines. He went from nobody to Jesus since the Carter 2 came out. Especially girls, what the fuck the nigga looks like a squirrel [no homo], lets be real. And, if you havent seen the pic with him and his "DADDY" kissing, you obviously forgot that this dude is a FAG. No disrespect intended, its the truth. Plus, in Blender magazine he was like 'all the dudes hating on me, all their bitches wanna be with me' or some shit like that. That was not the question, why did you kiss another dude?!?!. Be real, put a real answer out there and stop thinking that since you're Dwayne Michael Carter, you can do whatever you please and still think you can get away with it. Keep sippin on the [sprite that is easter pink] and you wont even live to see the release of your OVERDUE , CARTER 3. Yes, i am done. This dude needs a reality check.

The Game Goes To JAIL.

Jayceon Taylor or better known as the rapper, 'The Game' has checked in to jail. Haha, this joint is hilarious to me. I saw a video like 2months ago about him saying that he supposedly DID NOT pull a gun at an opposing player at a basketball game at a school. He said since he'd had similar charges against him before he fealt that it was a waste of money to hire a lawyer and try to prove his innocence and said that 2 months wasnt that big of deal. Hmm.. i wonder if 50 would go to jail if he was in The Games.. [sike.. 50 aint no thug] haha. Hope this dude get out quick cause i heared the new album is sapposed to be SERIOUS!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Air Jordan CP; Chris Paul's Jayz

Hornets player Chris Paul got him a shoe. These are the Air Jordan 'Chris Pual' [dont know if thats the official name]. These arent hot to me.. at all. They kinda look like Air Kobe I. Is me or does AIR JORDAN needs to PULL its weight. They have been very disappointing. None of their sneakers have been excited me.., none worthy of [waking up at 5am to stand outside the mall for a release]. Yea the countdown packs are SERIOUS!, but the latest MELOS were WACK, nd this sucks too. Not to mention the latest Lebrons are GARBAGE. Hmm.. i guess the dunks craze will LIVE on.

Here are some more pics:

This Or That: Facebook Or MySpace?

FACEBOOK!, its wayy more grown up. I got my myspace back in the summer b4 7th grade, im in 9th grade now. I used to be a myspace "whore" i had a layout/contest site and everything. But you can only change your layout and page so many times before you get bored like ANYTHING. Facbook beats myspace! Myspace is just a bunch of "whores" like for real, everyone wants a million friends and a million comments. PLUS soo much fucking SPAM! And stupid friend request from stupid hacked sites. Also there are like 4th graders with myspaces now.. idk. Facebook is wayy mature. Myspace will die, tom is a bastard and is adding TOO much to myspace to make it better, i hope he knows myspace is no google so he needs chill out.!!

Rick Ross; "THE BOSS" Video

Rick Ross f/ T-Pain
"The Boss"

Finally saw the video that everyone was talking about.
LLS, [laughin like shit] i feel like going on rick ross, but ill keep it to my self.
VOICE the opinion on this, they were BROILING thss nigga like on 800 degrees on youtube. OMG!; but Ross & Crack are my two favorite bigga niggaz. lol


Kid Sister Interview on MTVu.

No Homo, but "Pro Nails" goooooes. The beat is sick as shit nd Kid Sister is a bun. Nd i like her attitude and personality, i DOUBT shess gonna be a 1 hit wonder; I mean how many people get KANYEeeeeZey to WANT to be on their track? Hmm, xSEPCT big things from her.

Prisoners "Crank Dat & Hammer Time"

I LMFAO when i saw this, WTH i aint kno jail bound asians cound crank like dat. Haha these dudes have coughcough ALOT of time on thier hands.

Sean Kingston; There's Nothin' [NEW]

Sean Kingston f/ Juelz Santana & The Dey
"There's Nothin"

Hmm, the original had Paula DeAnda. IDK what happened to her.. there is controversy as to why they replaced her with The Dey. Nevertheless, the song still KIND of cranks. MAYbe it will grow on me. Kingston is doing his thing, all the new tracks. Big UPz kidd.


Mary J. Blige & Jay-Z "You're Welcome"

[Yall have probally heared about their MASSIVE tour, that even my mother is going to. This is their newest CALLABO, produced by [SWIZZeeY] swizz beatz. ]

FYI- If I choose to upload the song to imeem and not leave a d/load link dont get angry. It most likely means it took me FOREVER to find the track and i dont feel like giving it away just like that. Feel free to ask me to send it to your email, I'll do so if time is available. [mr. jojo]

Saturday, March 1, 2008

This OR That: Zune or iPOD

Yeaa.. I MIGHT be a little late on this, but still I always have arguments with my friends over WHICH is BETTER![?]

Me personally i have a 1st Gen ZUNE. They ARE better than an iPOD ANYDAY. Leave the iTouch out of it. That one doesnt count. 2nd Gen & 1st Gen zune have a bigger screen and have more stuff at a CHEAPER price. The zune has radio, and wi-fi, and to me BETTER battery life too. I know the 3 days or plays thing on the zune is pretty retarded, but still ipod video doesnt have that. I'd rather spend $160 - $200 on a zune then spend $180 - $200 on some garbage ass iPOD. I'm not an apple fan, that maybe why too.


This Is A Post Of ALL The New Music Out RIGHT NOW.


Mariah Carey;
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Usher f/ Young Jeezy;
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Michael Jackson &;
Thriller 25
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Raheem Devaughn
Love Behind the Melody
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Lyfe Jennings
Lyfe Change
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Rick Ross f/ T-Pain
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Day 26
Day 26
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FYI- I Will Mostly Post Hip-Hop/R&B, Pop, Ragae & A Lil Rock.

First POST.

It is EARLY like shit.
I was bored like no other so i decided to make a BLOG.
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